Our story begins on the open seas.

In 2002, Meridian was the small, nimble maritime adviser.

Back then, we decided to build something honest. Independent. Bold. A company made from trusting relationships and a people-first way of doing things.

And with every new handshake and decent conversation, we grew. We grew our service offering, our team, and our expertise. We might not shout the loudest and we might not be the biggest, but, Meridian grew straight out of the market’s centre. It’s a history we participated in and a legacy we built.

Since starting out, we’ve delved into countless new product lines and specialties. We’ve dedicated ourselves to sourcing the right solutions for our clients all over the world. To get them the outcome they want and find the answers they’re searching for. But we also understand the importance of the journey, of making the route from A to B as seamless as we can.

Because we’re not driven by short-term profits or slapdash results. We value partnership, collaboration, mutual understanding.

Here, we talk to each other like the friends that we are. We welcome new faces like the old friends we’ll become. And our trading partners can never call too often, ask too much, or make themselves too comfortable. We are our people, inside and out.

Throughout our history, we’ve never been afraid to change with the tide. To adapt to the world around us. To honour our legacy, but to steer towards a better way of doing things powered by technology, talent and honesty. To balance tradition and innovation in everything we do.

Meridian, the bold, driven insurance specialist. And now, we’re heading towards something even bigger.