Delegated Underwriting Authority

If you’re looking for a professional, personal approach from a dynamic team who you can access at times to suit you, wherever you may be in the world, then welcome to Meridian.

Our Delegated Underwriting Authority practice has extensive experience across the range of specialty insurance classes and works with clients from around the globe. You could be facing an issue with capacity, technology, systems or applying complex solutions. Whatever it is, our team of experts will actively listen to you, so they fully understand your needs. Then, by factoring in their broad-based commercial knowledge, they’ll provide the best options for you.

Clients are at the core of our business, and nowhere is this more important than in the DUA arena. We do our utmost to develop an in-depth holistic view of your underlying business portfolios, allowing us to build long-term relationships, while providing a personalised service that’s consultative.

All parties involved in portfolio-based solutions must be able to manage and learn from data to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why Meridian has embedded state-of-the-art data analytical tools into our DUA practice. This gives all clients and trading partners access to the benefits of cutting-edge analytics. Read about VIPR, one of our partners.

With our fingers firmly on the pulse of innovation and emerging markets, you can always rely on us to seek the best possible proposal.

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Delegated Underwriting Authority

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