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Wherever you are, whatever you need, our products are designed to solve the challenges you face. No matter how complex the risk, we’ll find the answer.
Property, Casualty & Specialty

Partnership really matters to us. It’s what helps us understand your business and gives you the best solutions. We challenge norms to drive innovation across all commercial and industrial sectors and stay in tune with the global market. That way, we can provide the bespoke (re)insurance solutions that your business needs to differentiate itself.

Delegated underwriting authority
Delegated Underwriting Authority

Delegated Underwriting Authority puts you in the driving seat to maximise efficiency and cater for growth. With us, you can rest easy knowing our service is delivered by a highly experienced team that understands the market, Lloyd’s processes, data analysis, and provision of management information. What more could you ask for?

Marine specialty
Marine Specialty

We really do know about marine insurance. From P&I, to hull and machinery, to cargo, to marine liability, to war risks, we use our world-class expertise to give our customers the solutions they want to see. So if you’ve got a complex marine risk that needs coverage, send it our way.


Digital change is a good thing, of course. But with that, you need protection. We work to counteract the growing risks of cyber-attacks by accessing a range of specialist insurance products to protect your digital operations.


We truly understand the unique needs of the construction industry. So, we’re dedicated to safeguarding our clients with insurance solutions that are made just for them. With a global reach, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and risks faced by construction companies, offering expert guidance and coverage options to protect projects, assets, and liabilities.