+44 (0)20 7648 5177

+44 (0)20 7648 5177

Multi-class insurance
and reinsurance specialists

Meridian looks at your problem from a different perspective. Using our imagination, experience and freedom to consider it from every angle. Then advising you on whether it’s just a storm in a coffee cup or needs a solution you may not have considered before.

As adept problem-solvers, our teams will find answers from more than one specialist field or geography; delivering better quality products, imaginatively created and tailored to your needs.

Independent in every sense

We’re truly independent and focused on helping clients to resolve their problems. Read about us to see how independence makes us stand out from other insurance brokers, even those that are self-styled as being ‘independent’.

What can you expect from working with Meridian

Whether you’re the owner of an insurance business, a wholesale insurance buyer, a CEO, an insurer, a risk manager or member of the Meridian team, we’ll treat you as a partner, encouraging debate and the free flow of ideas.

We’re informal and consultative – focused on listening to, and learning about, you. We recognise the need to deliver results and we never forget the personal touch.

You’ll get responses packed with ideas that trigger new approaches and deliver the best results for you.

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Are you facing an unexpected problem?
Can you see an interesting opportunity but don’t know how to make the most of it?

Call on our free-thinking business owners and insurance specialists for top-quality advice.

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